About Me

My name’s Michał (IPA: /ˈmʲi.xaw/), and I’m tech manager who enjoys geeky stuff, sports, and interesting people.

My real face, not smoothed out by vector graphics

My real face, not smoothed out by vector graphics


I’m a technologist with rich experience of both product and engineering management. Three things drive and motivate my work:

I’ve worked on scaling highly unusual distributed systems (Google’s Hangouts, Cloud Compute Engine), led product and technology in a highly innovative game-backend technology startup (Improbable), and managed an engineering team in the autonomous vehicles space (Lyft Level 5). I’m currently managing a team responsible for scaled communication to Creators at YouTube. If you want to know the details, my LinkedIn resume is up to date.


In the past, my spare time was dominated by digging into systems, compiling kernels, writing not so-serious software and reading Sci-Fi novels.

Nowadays, I usually read non-fiction, especially history books, and spend quality time with people close to me.

Diving in the Great Bareer Reef Skiing in Chamonix Bouldering
Turns out sport is good for you. Huh.

Sports-wise, the only things I do with any real conviction is bouldering (not climbing, as I’m scared of heights), off- and on-piste skiing, and scuba diving (in warm places). Turns out going outside is good for ones health :)

This website

This is more of a dumping ground for random snippets of code, recipies, or things I stumble upon in my spare time. It’s not in any way affiliated with any of my employers, and is meant to be taken with a significant grain o salt.